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The Holy Quran Reader Pen Word By Word Voice

The Holy Quran Reader Pen Word By Word Voice
The Holy Quran Reader Pen Word By Word Voice
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The Holy Quran Reader Pen Word By Word Voice
The Holy Quran Reader Pen Word By Word Voice

30 Days

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with a cash refund within 30 Days of receiving it, if it is Defective

- In accordance with Law No. 181 of 2018 of the consumer protection system

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The Holy Quran Reader Pen Word By Word Voice

This pen:

It benefits children and schools

Older people who do not know writing and reading

Quran Memorization Schools

To our mothers and fathers

A rare gift offered to those you love

An ongoing charity for the elderly is unable to read

For your servant / driver holds the Quran in several languages


1- Pen reader

2 - wired headset

3 - charger for the pen

4 - Cable for direct charging through the computer, and uses the cable to transfer data to and from the computer via data entry to memory (pen reader)


1 - The pen supports memory memory, where you can use the pen as an MP3 device

2 - wired headphone slot to ensure the privacy of the listener

3 - buttons on the side of the pen to raise and reduce the volume

4 - Four buttons in the face of the pen:

First button: Turn on and close the pen.

Second button: reader selection.

Third button: Select the language of the translation.

Fourth button: Update device data (factory reset).

General and comprehensive information about the content of the Koran and its great features:

The options on the side of the page as shown in the pictures:

- Tajweed

- Navigating all seven types of readings

- Applications

- Reason for the verse that put the pen on them

- Hadith suitable for verse that you put the pen on them

- Voice comparison

- Reader Selection

- Talking dictionary 14 languages ​​(teaching the basics and grammar of 14 languages)

- Book Sahih Bukhari

- Book Sahih Muslim and Riyad righteous book - the rule of light and the fortress of the Muslim and Islamic paper and prayers and supplications from the Koran and the Sunnah and the names of Allah and Islamic songs and part of Amma .. And others. - Finally: pause the reading so as not to re-read from the beginning of the surah.

The pen contains (11) readers:

1 - Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais.

2 - Abdul Basit.

3 - Maher Almaikulai.

4 - Ahmed Al-Ajmi.

5 - Saad Al-Ghamdi.

6 - Minshawi with chanting children.

7 - Meshary Aallasi.

8- AlHossary

9 - Quran word for word

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